Sunday, March 12, 2017

R is for Rudea

We have long stopped caring about the alphabet
what makes a letter more special than another, but its order?

I was born under the letter A, Alif, I call it in my mother-tongue
an alpha, a first letter, a significance and a resonance

it takes a while getting used to other letters;
how they curve around you like an artificial tongue

you are the letter R, for words borrowed
like this what we share a Rueda

a circle is a Rueda, a wheel is a Rueda
a rounding of stomping feet and glared screams is a Rueda

Rueda is when you offer me a hand
then close it off with another form of a crooked smile

Rueda is when I cannot be a mystery
but I can have enough freedom in me to dispel

myths about round wheels and their harbingers
not doom, not gloom but a wave of sound and motion

an intention to receiving, loved once
rejected  for reasons above the waist and below the chest

Rueda is three claps, five couples
ten stomping feet and a free-beat music
R is for Rueda
like A is for the start of this alphabet.

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