Monday, December 31, 2018

New years

the year treats us
like a day
long and short at the same time

pace, day break

On the break of day
A daily, long  line of papers fly
at the perfect pace

friends or lovers

A friendship, however hard it tries,
Will always be romantic.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the friendship,
Gently it goes

the injured bee

My head stings
says the injured bee
to the hand that hit her

Desolate rain

Desolate  rain
A menacing fox walks
covered by a box

The horses of Bruges

The horses of Bruges
tell a long story
of a lost princess who chased the geese

Doodles, peace

Doodles on the paper
this is how the artist
lets go of the tension

Snowy trees remind me of sparkles

On her nails, the sparkles
glisten like a tree
left in the snow all night

Falfafel of those who left

The falafel of those who left
is richer with their loss
than it is with olive oil

Sunday, December 30, 2018

I cannot let go

I cannot let go, you tell me
pointing at the photographs
behind where you spend your time
head first in the notes,
I cannot let go, you tell me
of the ghost that was her,
my mother who died in an accident
twenty years ago

over the sting

My scorpion, you inspire me to write
in secret about the times I have held your hand
without the sting over my skin

rocks, bellies

Originality is keeping space
between the pebbles
knowing that dirt can creep under the belly

girls on the side of the road

To the girls left on the side road
that I cannot help
I cannot even pretend
to know how you feel


Saying words of grace
takes time
to arrive first to the heart
the black hole of all things

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Smells like Christmas

It smells like Christmas in my kitchen,
smells like the time I stopped
in the heart of the house

right in the middle like a clot
not moving nor let anyone move
to make Christmas over cold stoves

here is a list of things you need for cake
that serves 6, realistically
even if you are on your own:

* peeled apples
* 3/4 sugar
* flour
* cinnamon
* nutmeg
* salt (to taste)

I stand on a flat corner
kneading the flour
needing a listening ear

I stand in the corner
in my house,
shaking like a belly dancer after a long show
cupping powdered sugar to an empty heart

Pumpkins carvings

Tastes like a potato
this pumpkin
carved with a strong arm

an iron fist
that knows how to manage
a kitchen and three children

Leaf poem

                        all round                        
                       a cauldron               the      
      so               all round             round       
      lean   do      rather round        all soft        
      all round      very terrible   we all soft         
       all round !   rather green   rather small         
       ever so soft  ever so lean  decidedly lean        
        all strange  thin fore moving, lovingly          
        its littler veins tapered, wordlessly            
       ever so weedy theme drifting, lovingly            
        ever so haggard bow drifting, lovingly           
          its skinny fore moving, lovingly               
           twiggy stem vagabond, lovingly                
        do    wiry base moving, lovingly     !           
   do    ever so gangly base floating, lovingly          
   ever so slender-waisted stalk floating, lovingly      
    ever so spindle-legged radical moving, lovingly      
     its narrow-minded veins constricting, wordlessly    
       ever so slim-waisted radical drifting, lovingly   
       ever so slim-waisted bow floating, lovingly       
        dire, light, common dire, light, weird           
          extremely green !   a cauldron                 
          lean  a veins   !     all soft                 
               green!     !       a veins                
               lean       !           lean               
               so         !                              

rain or shine

Why would you think the sunshine is small?
Does the sunshine make you shiver?
does it?

These passing winds are ice-cold.
winds are you,
do they make you shiver still?

This is us,
Shivering come rain or shine

Longing for you in midwinter

Foxgloves in hedges,
Surround the farms,
This is the charm of winter:
People fall in love
And I long for your arms.


There is calm in calamity
the way there's a pip in an olive
lodged right in the middle,
felt at only when bitten into.

He is born

Rest assured, for He has been born 
the one who created heaven and earth 
the one who saves heaven from this earth.

No appetite

there is no will
you tell me after I nudge you

to eat, to drink
even to live

this is a deep hole that you've sunk in
there is no one to claim

parentage reasons
you hear of wired words hanging:

triggers, envy, exhaustion
fatigue, lack of color, heavy eye-lids
unmatched skies, refusal of entry,
change, chaos, relaxation

the set continues
while you've lost the appetite

to even breathe
call it desperation, some say

but it is all in the gut, I answer.

open questions to love

Is this punishment
that the way you move
impact my vision, love?

Surpassing heartache

Too long we have been on this road together;
you and I

we passed on another
on a cold winter night

we walked with awkward feet
colliding first into each other

too long have we been on this road together
but tell me how do we surpass

all the heartache that is there
with just a simple photograph

of you in a museum
smiling at a complex painting

folding into your hands
all the errors of my past.

Question to the wind

What is it like to kiss you
I wondered
asking the wind

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

a quick ride

The roller-coaster
tugs so high to sink again 
that's love, I hear you say

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Monday, December 17, 2018

you come up

You come up,
like the treasure found at the end of a box

you come up,
like surfacing for oxygen

you come up,
like a word in a dictionary, looked for not found

you come up,
like a wind floating by quickly

you come up,
like the end of a choir

you come up,
like a sentence out of place

you come up
in stories, like a heavy character

you come up
in memory like its companion

you come up
in red and blue bruises

you always come up

even in tea

The tea here has your name
so I no longer drink it
dark, tall and handsome
the glass in my hand is empty


Nothing more regal than an elephant
another sign for torture,
for others to be happy.

Thursday, December 6, 2018