Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Opening chapters

The start is always crucial 
it is how you make an entry 
choosing a form, a matter, a void 

this is why we stress first word
because after the spirit became 
the letter, a word, its conjunction 

how does a month open 
a flip in the day's dent 
then roll the days 

this is how you stand on 
two rocks 
without effectively falling 

to balance is to counter 
where you line the ground 
with dirt, roads and trodden footsteps

this is how we avoid 
rugged photographs 
let the past rest folded

beneath its hands 
a reverse spelling 
of spells, cellars and suited strangers

a bunny furrows in my garden 
between the mallow and the daisies 
for once I don't recall

where I last placed tenderness

like a dream that escapes me, 
this density of the bones
that cannot bend 

keeps manifesting itself 
in the company of opening chapters.

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