Saturday, March 25, 2017

For sale

- lipsticks
- a lampshade
- an old washer
- fridges without doors
- photo-frames, never used
- three sofas from the 'avant garde' phase
- the jewelry box with the broken ballerina
- sweaters that could have easily gone to charity
- the florescent stars that hung on the ceiling, like galaxies
- coat-hangers with clothes weighing them down, pretending to be of use
- the accessories rack bought with good intention, left to bad weather and dust
- the mementos, all of them, the stuffed teddy-bears, the i-love-you, the silver earrings;
- the flower-pot, the goldfish, the soap-dish, the navy dress that received compliments at a wedding
here I am selling the things that made sense, things I can no longer glue your memories will go first I am sure.

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