Thursday, March 30, 2017

forget (v)

like a man does
comes the advice about forgetfulness
as if the brain picks a gender to place a heartache into
systemically like a lost brooch 

 like a found treasure chest
bury astray, the given 
forced over like a bent shadow 
the careless hand that pretends to feed while it's empty

take down the music, where the memory 
captures a rapture that can only be replaced 
by photographs smeared over with fingerprints
like a Christmas tree fold the branches and tuck it away

there's something very surgical about a removal
a death of some sort forced onto the living
a rush of a thousand meteors 
without answer or reason 

how many ways were these atoms formulated to make two bodies?

maybe it is neither a job or a demand 
to keep the bodies under check 
a jog, a dance, a walk 
is enough to let new air in

this is a kind verb 
it allows us interpretations with leeway
if you play with meaning, do you arrive at the desired end of the ocean
or where you really just a few kilometers down your own shore?

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