Friday, March 31, 2017

in the crease

Between your smile and your hand sifting flour 
I find my footing, this is an obsessions, 
to find the path to make of the bread- a meaning 

in the crease of your wrinkles, 
I find my homeland, how the wrinkles 
of the olive tree, like olive skin generate newer blood

this ancient being has no heftiness
I find my energy in the lightness of your step
cane-bent, but like sugar-cane, you still stand tall at church 

perched on the old desk, that is pinned to the glass
I find my reassurance that once young 
can mean a potential of the future folded in a wrinkled crease 

between your smile and your hand 
I find the remaining bits of thread for a thob
a dress, stitched gold and red
the colors of royals and peasant, contained like my homeland 
on cloth, wrapping around your hands, grandmother. 

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