Friday, March 24, 2017

No longer your story

Look how the grass sprouts
cutting out of earth, without question

this is what you learn from nature
but you haven't been looking properly

there are no holes in the grounds
where the seeds fall

the hand that feeds is the same hand
that sows but after careful consideration of the elements

who wouldn't choose spring?

look ahead
to where winter leaves its trail

Snow leaves this mountain
exactly when it is supposed to, without begging or reverting claims

it grows out into puddles,
wets the edges of my feet and your old overcoat

how could we not have heard, snowfall?

perhaps this is our obsessive flaw
counting time with our twenty fingers

it takes courage to make up these words
I understand a lie needs one person to fold

but look again
how snow and spring can sprout from the same mother

without your intervention
this is no longer your story, at least, till next spring grows

until you understand how tall grass can stand.  

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