Friday, February 6, 2015

Opposing tongues

We speak two opposing languages
and a third, like a son between us
exchanging baby words and checks
for better articulation of versatile
accents that shape us

Round the realm of reality
we learn from one another
pick up words, some here
others there, adjectives to describe
states. I teach you how to say, ass-
mule to the men round the corner
they wouldn't understand
it wouldn't sound right
but you still surge it out
like the birth of reassurance

in our spare time, you teach me
how to pray, say Lord, make me
what I've failed to become when
you gave me all the tools necessary
to simply be. I mimic your words
by the letter, maybe if I sound better
I can understand the little manuals
I'm left with when I call for second chances

From me you pick up the heart,
the mind, the soul. Three solid basis to meaning
anything, realistically-
I teach you juggling, reassure you that
you are a natural, ear to music
thoughts to the wind

I never learn to say
'Thank you' in your tongue
it comes clear like morning, the absence of words
when you leave me with
grace folded in a napkin,
one you plant in my palm.

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