Thursday, February 12, 2015

Laundry to the wind

Don't expose laundry to the wind
too fast it carries the pegs and along
carries last night's secrets,
today's lunch and gym sweat three days ago
into tall, lusty trees and lean, round eyes

Don't expose clothes to the sun, no matter how bright
too ill the sunshine can be on the old jean
draining away the color, the soft hems of ice-blue
like the poles of the earth,
too much sunshine is the same as too little
creates patches no one begged for

Don't hold the laundry outside
it might rain, from Sunday to Friday next
pregnant are the clouds and long overdue
with labor of love and tears of pain
laundry will need to dry, sit still in baskets
then tumble with its glory into the machines
trembling, warm again

Don't leave your laundry to the weather
where it strays by the hour, gnawing by the elements
leave the pieces inside,
once semi-dry, you can hide vintage socks
and lose other pairs within the matter
you hide

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