Thursday, February 19, 2015

Obey and I'll show you

I will, I promise offer what God created
pieces of land for jewelry, dates for your ear
animals for your hours of loneliness
when the hoot of the owl is louder than your heartbeat
I will give you a compact universe

I promise, miniature treasures
I'll glam all the bars you will visit
poised between the shimmer of a champagne glass and the late conversation
rounding, your heels clicking
but your hair, your confidence
the size of a hazelnut

I have told you I promise a world
if you promise to kneel at my legs
wash them with tears and balm them with silk
if you take away the night-dreams of the rocks
smashing windows and recasting my face anew
if you follow the trace of my voice like a madwoman
or a piper at dawn, I will show you
the depth of the ocean
if you try the locked windows,
I will show you a shadow, familiar
buried, struggling to breathe in the soil.

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