Friday, May 16, 2014

The godly pair


It rises like no tomorrow
Like no shadow draped its mantel
over the lake towards
where the waters rumble
The stench of little, unexplored
bodies of air and water
and little dots of incomprehensible white
Like snowflakes,
like daises exposed from green earth.
He brags the tails of his crimson mantel
three times near brink of the water
No allowed to glance
The glossy surface dances with the wind
Three times his shadow passes
and from a nearby tree the thrust of grass
grumbles and its Echo he hears
All along, repeating
Willow and wallow,
Kissing the thrush's song and the swallow
It's  Echos he hears,again all along
It's Echo he hears but light he follows
'Come towards the shallow water'
He stoops near the river and
God- that is a beautiful lad
broad shouldered, browned eyes
and let's not talk about the cheek bones
or the light brow
A painting divine, too real
For the mind to just glance at
Let's not wash it away from water
But the wind blows again; rippling wrinkles upon that cheek
that image is mine, he stoops lower
and his eyes roll stones under the waves
He is the eternal wrinkle at the lake's stomach.


She smells the sulfur of the sea
its livers' bile
As she navigates her way
In the cactus paved deserts
That grew on her heart
Where are you? she cries.
Where have you gone?
G o o o o n e..
The wind breaks her pleas.
Answer me,  the sun blisters her feet
She trails and the devils dance along
'Come gently, like wind to water'
She moves to where no sand can claim her heart
She move where no sand can tint her hands
Near the brinks, between the grass
By the grey and green waters
She glances
'Where are you?'
Three faeries and three fireflies
Flutter their wings around her white lined dress
'Ah' runs her gasp, out, steady and swift
She almost missed it;
His cheek, his shoulder bones were
 yellow and white crowned flowers
laying near her sun kissed  toes.

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