Monday, May 26, 2014

Flower arrangements

'Bless my homeland forever.' Edelweiss, Sound of Music.


From the crag, edging near the cliff
the Edelweiss flutters in the snowy wind
Tiny and white, bathed in yellow it looks over the houses
some houses are built from wood
some still standing in sticks and stones
the crisp of the fire burns bellow her
The Edelweiss smiles at those who greet her,
still standing.


Between the red chipping soil darts the poppy
It is bursting in color like spring
touching the ground and greeting the swallows
The poppy looks at the swaying bodies as they
fall, one after the other into the her arms
welcome, my children, the poppy says to
Those who listen with mud clamped ears.


The 'blossom of snow' looks over
the children across the mountains
The poppy receives her own bodies from the groves
Both flowers, pregnant with seasons glance
and stand guarding,
 blessing and overlooking homelands, forever.

Pictures courtesy of Google search. 

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