Sunday, May 25, 2014

Priority seat

Seat the adults The handicap Those whose bones eroded 
and those whose bones are being made Those women Seat the wombs
The long standing feat
they deserve the Propority seat 
Seat them then; Our fears 
of clothing new souls and burying old ones
Our fears of fading 
like ash into the wind 
Seat it, let it hush Our fear of halving, of breakage 
seat it down, the fear 
of breaking chapping bones and dignities
Seat our fear of being or becoming a new Seat the fear of rebirth Birthing little souls that sprout like fungi to raid or raise Priority seat the missing The wrinkles The pained All the normals can handle the bites of boots The smell of armpits Shaking earthquakes 
on long rides Just seat the fear Our comfort can remain standing.

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