Thursday, December 27, 2018

Leaf poem

                        all round                        
                       a cauldron               the      
      so               all round             round       
      lean   do      rather round        all soft        
      all round      very terrible   we all soft         
       all round !   rather green   rather small         
       ever so soft  ever so lean  decidedly lean        
        all strange  thin fore moving, lovingly          
        its littler veins tapered, wordlessly            
       ever so weedy theme drifting, lovingly            
        ever so haggard bow drifting, lovingly           
          its skinny fore moving, lovingly               
           twiggy stem vagabond, lovingly                
        do    wiry base moving, lovingly     !           
   do    ever so gangly base floating, lovingly          
   ever so slender-waisted stalk floating, lovingly      
    ever so spindle-legged radical moving, lovingly      
     its narrow-minded veins constricting, wordlessly    
       ever so slim-waisted radical drifting, lovingly   
       ever so slim-waisted bow floating, lovingly       
        dire, light, common dire, light, weird           
          extremely green !   a cauldron                 
          lean  a veins   !     all soft                 
               green!     !       a veins                
               lean       !           lean               
               so         !                              

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