Saturday, January 27, 2018

I want to meet you

I want to meet you, new love of mine
away from all the old places you found me with rimmed glasses and old notebooks

I want to meet you, love, anew
in places where you won't normally find me

in the library, the quiet section
where I sit to read of other people fall in love

around the bend in the road
where all the young boys fall, where all the men avoid walking

in a loud bar, where the lighting is florescent
and I am not wearing bright colors

on a dance floor where my feet know the beat
and your eyes dart to where I step

in a wheat field now winter is clearing
and spring enters into effect with its wild rye

in an office by the copy machine
where I make duplicates of the same thought I made earlier that morning

in a church, where I feverishly look
for the different manifestations of God around me

in the high tides of the ocean, in the low murmur of the trees
I want to meet you, new love, wherever you find me.

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