Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A super blood moon, tonight

Keep your eyes on the skies tonight
the witching hour has a spectacular sight
tonight's full moon is the product of three phenomena

it will be a blue moon, a red moon, a super moon
for the times you were red and blue, moaning
the moon will appear larger and brighter

it will also be a blood moon
the shadow of Earth
will lean to breach over the fields

Stargazers, eastern and central will see a clear skies
the Wolf moon falls over us, it had once inspired
mankind, enchanting with witches' calls

packs of wolves hungry
to rare breeds, run after the thirst of blood
yet there are many bleeding without purpose

here is everything you need to know
full moons can be admired
they light up the skies, like fireworks, like phenomena
gathering wolves, witches and men under one roof.

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