Sunday, February 19, 2017

When I first came back

When I first came back
I saw the tree-tops, ashen green
I had forgotten that this is how olives grow old
with dust wrinkling their hair

when I first came back
there was a pull in the sand the lined the shore
bagged over to the West from where the river lies
like the pull on my ear before landing

When I first came back
no building was higher than it neighbor
equal in high the stone and man
man and stone

when I first came back
the sun was shining but I wanted
to close my eyes
too much light in a small space takes weight on my lids

when I came back
there was no music, no tapping of hands
or shoulders to shoulder
in a line to invite, entice to dance

when I first came back
I vowed never to leave you again
but each time I leave you become more beautiful
this is the deal with homelands
the further they get from us
the nicer they claim to be
put on their jewels and drag us back
to face our own misery.

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