Friday, February 10, 2017

How much of my life has been gone?

You know that Kalthum song that goes like this
قد ايه من عمري قبلك راح؟
how many years of my life have gone by before you, love?

this is the main question we ask
how many of our years have gone by
without honoring, you, love

this is a waste of time,
a waste of age that no one should
be allowed to pertain from one's life

a lost age, a lost era
like my wondering three times
the same road without once realizing where it ends

but this is not how we think of natural things
like love, that there will be an end
at your stick when caused to open flame

melts, remelts in your mouth
it has its way around us
this power

but how many days had been gone
with an argument hanging
over my bed, like my dream-catcher 

but then, like a sick knife
the stabs no longer feel fresh
over my skin

maybe this is exaggeration,
an attempt at counting down
ticking minutes

until they stop mattering
then how many years have gone by
before you love?

it is not a need to hear you answer
but repeat like a broken radio
mechanic walks in small steps
the years we had, like roads, all heading forward.

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