Sunday, January 8, 2017

The poet writes a love poem to another poet

Write to him like you would your own soul
say, I have waited for you in the ink that lines the pages

a drop here, another there,
senseless fact and furious fiction

make the work adequate not too long and not too short
one cannot read at length when the eyes are flu-ridden

ask the right questions, don't expect an answer

Are you going to stay the night
are you sleeping on my eye-lash

would you bring home a flower
but only one, no need to deprive the garden of more daughters

keep it light, with smiles folded in corners
the way talk goes between you two; like a river giggling

 at ease, do not stress the conditions
to your verse, the counter words become a garden

buds to flower and earth to earth
make him appreciate your honesty

end with this;

may you never know sadness, never know how
anger can make you turn twice in one night
sleepless from side to side
may you always find a way to me,
away from me, the way you see fit.

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