Monday, January 23, 2017

In desperation

We ask for little things
if the herbs work for your aches

a soothing sensation at your gums
can only arise from how good these herbs are

in desperation we seek old flannel shirts
that no longer fit us because the sleeves were already tight

discover new ways to love our bodies
with old eyes, with the same fierce intensity of a mother in winter

in desperation, we use our voice
wrong, scream too loud, whisper too soft

isn't that dangerous on our vocal chords, who cares\
who remains to guide our hushed lulling into a valley

where desperation gathers the drops of yesterdays tears
in an attempt to move them into the sea tomorrow

in desperation we  no longer stand
but crawl as if childhood had anything on us

those desperate enough of us,
to stand, lean on the rails of a fast moving boat

pushing through ice-cold waters
three times over a bay so deep we are not
desperate to find out how dark it is
at the seabed.

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