Friday, June 17, 2016

Stranger do not leave a kiss in your texts

Stranger you said
Hi, with a voice hoarse for a blue eye
I handed over a number and a smile

a name not mine belongs
to others; grandmothers, wives, children

when you are unsure of the directions
ask Google, it can better explain the new street names in my city

when you assume I am unaware
of a step of joy you take toward me, remember I also have eyes

do not take my language for an enemy
or the curve of my hip for another countries' dance

do not talk to me of peace elsewhere
when you are confused by my attempt to foster a middle ground

danger lies in the curve of your chest
yet you prefer an old roller-coaster ride

this is no land for lap dances
nor is it one for second chances, generally

you are more than a dress and English swirling
or a necklace unmanned with the Arabic Allah dangling on a chest

do not leave an (x) in your text because I was raised
not to kiss strangers
lest they think I truly mean it.

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