Saturday, June 4, 2016

But she's just a woman

Gather the dried rosebuds, make them roast in the sun
but she's just a woman he calls back

clean the slates of yesterday's mistakes, ones you did not commit
like others would say but she's just a woman

grab your desires, like a bag, flail them on your back
because she is just a woman, cannot dream of other men

I wanted her to quit her job, you will hear
he is there to spoil her, because she is just a woman

do not argue who's life is more important when you
are connected to someone else by a thread, she's just a woman

try your best to keep into one mind, onto one head
because she is just a woman, too fragile to handle

the thoughts that descend like paint drops,
a yesterday mingling with other people's bodies
desires, dire days on desks,
she can make of all that a heaven, whilst still covering you
with a blanket, delicate and colorful
because she's just that woman.

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