Saturday, April 23, 2016

The earth moves when I sleep

Earth shook in my dreams tonight
between the shifting pillars that support, us
was a birth different to nature
maybe, a breath from the long hours of labor

earth shook in my dreams tonight
or maybe it did in reality when
I slept and other people started their day
with a jolt, a quake, a synonym to one thing

happening quickly and at the same time
creating a newer terrain-
a building tumbles to land
only the cat survives

its leg limps onward,
later, the children will call it
limp Louis,  who would have been king
of the room, had the children knew

the time Louis dusted his little paws
over the photos, the house,tumbling
the family still missing
searched for a long time yet forgotten

once the camera reel rolls off-air
yet still earth shook only in my dream tonight
and for an instance it was all I could afford to remember
once I woke up, shaking.

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