Wednesday, April 20, 2016

First unveiling since...

The poet wonders, at times 
where the words went without questioning 
upon finding an old sheet of paper 

in the past they used to write on scrolls 
in stone, the words of God were formed 
but now, in space, the poets throw their work

evident by a persistent northern star 
the direction of this verse
at least, still visible 

this is the first unveiling of true words
as if by default we have to try out our 
luck with false words, with falser tongues 

one day, I will lose more than skin 
more than hairs falling down the drain 
one day, you will lose me too 

but until then I will keep 
folded onto my self, the scrolls 
I made on my first attempts, prevail them 
from a loss in space, that stopped the verse
for a long time. 

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