Friday, January 1, 2016

The Dos and Dont's of 2016

Say that this is going to be a start, like you do every other year
this is not a letter of negative attitudes toward the life you
are leading now, but rather, a possibility.

Do not call these resolutions, the rash decisions
you make between sleep, wake and drink-
but little deals you have sealed with yourself to be able to be full

with the others; this is the list you made-
Do start to clean up all excess, food,
friends who fail to make you smile when you least expect it

because excess can be a feature, on your skin
behind your eyes-
do look for the balancing point between dusk and day-light

Don't date a narcissist. (scratch that) Don't be a narcissist
it is time consuming, the staring, the selfish demands,
invalid dreaming- so wrapped into the beauty of your face,

your clothes, the smell of your own perfume
there are things that are better used for your time
do keep them close, like  movement

each push leads you forward,
like a cycle on a long haul to freedom
or writing that picks out the depth of you

throwing it to the public. Do not talk to those
who know you best, rather be at peace with the idea
of strangers touching you with the word with a hand

with an extra limb that is not and will never be yours
Don't deal with the start as if it is an extraordinary jump
but do feel with a leg that trudges earth, the flowing rivers bottled inside.

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