Tuesday, January 26, 2016

optional: stay or depart?

this is the distinction of options
you are born here, in a place that binds you
to stay, to live, to never think about leaving
or belonging

this is a reality,
the walls will always be low around you
higher around other people,
ground to water and sand to stone

gibberish, what is spoken to convince you
against migration, or imitation
 because sometimes birds
are more comfortable in warmer weather

and if you set sail, call a place home
then you can truly never leave
it is not about departure
we are sick with language

ill with too many metaphors
this is the only option: no way out
you circle around yourself
to figure a way, a thing out

this is the new reality,
the homeland will always stay the same
uncaring by change itself
too easy for a comfortable living

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