Friday, December 18, 2015

Maturity 101

Is it the ability to hold your liquor or let go?
I do not know, I know if my stomach can handle
a blaze in a cup, amid other things

Is it the flight to the other end of the world to reveal a secret?
maybe, to lift the ladle to the mouth
then spit out the words, tasting like soup

Is it giving up love for the Looney Tunes pajamas  for the favor of blazers
and longer sleeves?
but these old faces will still haunt my dreams
a laugh in a day packed with human voices

I have been thinking how can one mature without growing up
because it was always easier on me- to ask
not to receive, these eyes have seen

what makes them lose wonder, lose freshness
take my eyes but give me the ability to look
without judging, without losing more

to the ravaging process of losing cells
 is it- the ability to hold liquor on the back
of your throat, but spit it like soup

that feeds the aging- is it the flight to the other
end of the world to reveal a secret-
that is better left unspoken ?

how is it that we grow? is it giving up
love for my Looney Tunes pajamas that make
the day bearable in bed?

we do not grow, but like trees
we stretch to see other views, that's just it.

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