Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dear Rejection

Dear rejection,
it is nice to run into you today,
it has been a while since we last met-
have you dyed your hair the ever-changing color
that never steadies each  meeting?

I think you have changed a little bit perhaps gained more weight
around the arms that when you shake hands
it feels like my little bony fingers are being crushed
under your swift touch

 but you are constant, every time we meet it is the same;
you never disappoint. Always readier than me,
trying to convince me that you will leave me be for a while
that our meetings are healthy, stylish, even necessary

to my growth. You say things you mean
like you were brave sending this, you are beautiful
but- there's always negation in your speech
you carry sugarcoated words- I told you

some have accused you of being a snow-queen
heartless and repulsive but you constantly nag
on the fact that your disappearance will never
teach us, at least me, more values than your presence

my dear, dear rejection- why do you come
when I do not seek you or ask for you?
because would I ever decide to wallow
in a shelter of pity I have carved with my own bare hands?

You are smart honey, saying yes to others
while excluding some more, we are not all
meant to be perfect, practiced, learned-
perhaps some will have your negation later

always ready, you are a timely weight
upon my shoulder, but perhaps next time I meet you
it will once be different, perhaps we should stop
shaking hands and embrace, for once?

Picture found on google search, not mine.

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