Saturday, November 7, 2015


The day we decided to make sweets
you were ill and I was warm, mid-December
but we decided to work on the making 
of chocolate dipped with edible sugar in all forms

this is a memory, now
the kitchen half red, half white
the counter top, flooding with flour 
and trays, to be useful in the fridge

you used the measurements
I used my eyes, this is how we make sweets
I told you, but you insisted
even soft things need to be controlled 

melt the chocolates, you said
add sugar, I instructed as you slept on the sofa
a cat in your lap. I was just a guest 
you were home, inside a chocolate wrapper

the day we decided to make sweets
I realized we both measured distinctly
additions in our lives
you were careful,by the book

I am used to using my eye,
let it roam wherever it may 
land east or west, this is why
most of my food ends up bitter, my dear. 

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