Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Majdoola, braided

Majdoola, braided, is the hair
soften with brushes the color of honey
it is an ease for the mothers
protection against the elements

Majdoola, it is complicated
tangled, this story I am telling you
without detail, with much for you
to figure, together

Majdoola, a nickname of a child
smart and tall, with a smile that
takes out the stars and replaces them
with milk teeth, one for luck, two fro joy

Majdoola, like from the Majdal
up in the north of my country
a city sleeps on apple pips
dreams of orchards, long harvested.

Majdoola, a lopsidedness that is
not even, Not even right, or left
but somehow splitting a back into two
with trivial burdens

Majdoola, how the elements combined
neat sounds, neat meetings and filthy
demands, all tangled together like a
heap what will come unbraided- on demand,

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