Friday, October 16, 2015

Third world dream

I swear, heart and soul to send you quiet thoughts your way, said the one who lent the land
I light a candle, praying for the thoughts you send my way
at least candle light glows hard enough to make you ignore
the fact that you wake up three times a night these days
to dream of elephants in the sky, wake up screaming
I am scared. No one is old enough to reject fear. You tell those who refrain from
listening when they don't want to open their ears
this is third world, honey. Live with it, accept you are
 Different, we get the forest,
you get the dessert, we get the milk,
you the sick cow, we leave you to imagine
while we speak your name, attach to you peace
then abandon you when the nightmare roll in and make themselves comfortable
label you trauma, tell you we are sorry, so sorry
but the bombs will keep falling
for peace.

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