Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Too young/ Too old

Too young to taste three liquors
and one licorice. There's enough sweetness
before the tongue numbs out
on sugar intake

Too old for a ride in the park
parked between the lights
the spinning of madness
you do not fit the child lock anymore

too young, for the music of the ages
as it sweeps you, swipes you gently
on the forehead. One cannot hear
but there's always a bit of harmony in the tune

too old, for the fitting of dresses
before the fine silk runs out of worms
to make enough fabric for those woe-stricken
by the sight of legs

too young, to touch another skin
this is another soul you grab at
blood, veins and skin
you are too young to be outside a human, inside of them

too old for the reading of books
instead of butter-cookies and jam
there are cavities on the mouth
by the virtues of high- fructose sugars

Too young for life, too old for living
you are, and still
you stand.

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