Tuesday, June 23, 2015

In praise of open hearts

For T, the hero

How much longer can we keep at this,
going back and forth with prayers the size of heaven
patched, stitched

Tell me, what is needed for us
to not open hearts
to not close others

we will face it together we said
yet I am alone with the scrap
of a heartbeat

I save the newspaper clippings
the news, no matter how old
will make you laugh

I am too sure of myself
there is a new position
to my heart,

a bit to the right, above my breath
a bit to the left in worried hushes
 there is a new outlook into yours

You told me to smile
and that I look beautiful
and I told you, you teach me

how to use my heart every
day. Feed the dogs, in your absence
make the bed and not cry

there are a million possibilities
and a racetrack inside of my head
your little arms make my neck look small

Do not go yet,
Do not go gentle
I plead

We keep at prayers
the size of heaven
for the right amount of blood
for a repair of hearts broken too much
by trust, we pray
to stop the stitches
stop the patching
and have a new heart arrive, homeward.

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