Friday, June 20, 2014

Under the Parisian Skies

'Sous le ciel de Paris
S'envole une chanson ( Under the Parisian Sky, flies a song) ' Edith Piaf, Sous le Ciel de Paris.

She saw him
Under the Parisian Sky: 
Young, bold, a little sunburn gracing 
 the side of his eyebrows. 
She saw him a statue of perfection 
In a place not her own.
The skies of Paris were no different than 
A summer's breezy brush against her
plisse skin. 
She had imagined Paris of the accordions
Paris of the croissants, of art and old hunchbacks
 She had seen this Paris anew: 
She had seen the lights 
And Bercy and the Opera houses
She had fallen in love with Paris without 
tasting her, she had fallen into the romantic slip
of long summery nights and old film reels
While she sat near the dusty window
A book perched itself in the gaps on her lap
And she stared once again at the last 
point of departure destination: uncertain. 

Photo not my own, google search.