Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Ride

As the wind huffs beneath the doorway
While I sit to ponder
The crumpling of days, ways and constellations
Collide, like a train wreck
Like a scene after an earthquake
They become what's left of me
I live onto them, I live off
 Crunching and munching
decomposed, deflated ideas
of what was and
what should have been
or could have been
and what could be
It is these roads I have taken
that send me on my way
every morning
What makes me,
is what I've made of and for my self--
Beneath all the wreckage
of voices and faces
I kneel,
I touch them-
My memories, one by one
I release them into the vast blue sky
as I turn toward the ground,
 my confidant
The dirt beneath my feet
shines brightly in the eye:
Beneath a stone lies
A crumpled, half chewed coin
It is the exact fare
For a new ride.


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