Thursday, April 24, 2014

On seeing certain statues

Victims of innocence,
They were both trailed,
Hunted down like little mice--
Her eyes are devoid of hearsay,
His eyes dreamily put to rest
Two roses, tangled they became
Clothed now in pure bronze and flickering of candles.
She a pure shade of white-- inside out
He a pure spice from the east and a tone of the desert
They share a ring
They share a ride
To their final destination among the doves
They fly, away from prying eyes
They lie to rest, in each other's arms
Now they lie statues in a busy town,
In a busy corner
Glorified forever
They've died for the tabloids
When most people fear death by negligence.

D&D (Diana and Dodi) picture copyrights are mine, taken at Harrod's underneath the statues of both.

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