Sunday, March 25, 2018

Not for the play of a broken heart

Take a lover for the sake of play, a friend tells me using the verb take
I pause a minute to ask, how taking can lead to giving
when things arrive into your lap
how the verb take pertains to  denying someone else an opportunity
to taste the same graces received to you.
take a lover, the sentence strikes in the ear
I shake my head, for the second bit
how can I offer the energy I have to another without a heart?
to make use of the bridge of the body
for play, for a story. This is it, isn't it
we are at the age crucial enough,
we either want a love without restrictions
or complete freedom from love but a nagging when it goes missing
a relationship to freedom. We want that relation or total freedom
there's no in-between. The reason haunts me, for play
with a soft body prone to bruising
a softer heart that bumps itself negligently against a wall
what play? an act or an indentation to mask drama?
we know what we want, don't we
maybe this is the reason to how lovers use the verb take
with force of ripping apart from others, another; man, woman, boy
a chance at a play regardless of broken hearts.

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