Saturday, October 8, 2016

Variations on the word ill

There are so many ways to say 
you have no energy left in your body 
not enough to open your eyes or brave a smile 

yes, brave, a little action 
demands a lot of previous reactions 
that lead to it's acquisition: a light to a lamp 

a recognition of better days 
when it is sunny but you do not 
bother to look for the side on which the sun came 

to the world, light brings better light 
or that is the theory, 
isn't it true, darling?

there are so many ways to say 
your body rejects you 
like an ocean that has spewed up a fish 

that hasn't died yet
unable to accept it back 
to hold it, leave it, or pretend it was never there 

to begin with. You know you have seen 
the ways were wrong happens 
while you try your best, angle your hands 

to catch all the weariness in you 
without being too physical, 
without considerations of being 

mentally present in every single moment 
the way you hate a mispronunciation 
of your very name 

wronged once by your own
wronged twice by those who should be able to use 
it interchangeably like water 

to run the usual course
there are so many ways to say 
this body, like everything else, fights you 
but you manage to somehow remain standing still.

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