Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Little concepts,bigger ends

Naked, we fear our bodies 
because our skin and bones are too ugly for the eyes
see no evil, we tell ourselves

thirsty, we stop drinking water
because the sources were polluted and it takes years to clean them
we wallow in our own mess

tired, we turn a blind eye 
to how sleep can invite creatures into our dreams, 
made by noise and thunder 

long-forgotten, the familiar conversation 
around how intense one minute can be 
when lost to silence 

far away, the homes that raised us 
we walk with closed ears and pierced lungs 
without thinking how like a circle to its center: we are connected 

grounded, we leave 
like migrating birds to warmer climates 
forgetting that too much sunshine invites worse rain 

blame, the words we lost on another's mouths 
when we fail to right them, by the hands we chewed

human, we are, despite the various ways 
we praise the machines: with soft language
to make life easier, we claim. 

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