Sunday, May 29, 2016

After your suicide note

To the girls who attempted suicide 

I am happy you failed
in normal conditions, I, a perfectionist
would have been harsh on your failure
but I am happy you have failed,

your letter disturbed me, moved me
the fact that you decided to leave
an unfair universe to join another
is more odd than fearing

an acceptance of suffering, is unquestionable
this has been the fate of saints, the path
of sinners because we have been raised like this
to preempt punishment for the wrong doings in our thoughts

I do not think it is my place to play
a role more harsh on your slashed wrists
on your burnt out tongue done too much
with the taste of bitter words

I will not tell you about how great morning is
when I sleep through the sunrise
when I know that you wrap up with a cloud
of yours or the maker's making to understand, to try

because this universe is too demanding of us
like children we resort to sleeping
as if in a longer sleep the nightmares will stop
but what if they begin again, in a infinte loop

let earth not slide into your nails 
or ruin the beauty of your lashes 
keep walking on the ground, 
tumble with the stones but don't leave them on you

Honestly, now I'm  at peace with the fact that you are here
shivering, I would rather have you
near my body, whimpering, crying
than still, in a cold room

because I am selfish, I would never
ask you to explain, or give complex words
to a decision bigger than your years
redder than your sleepless eyes

but I will tell you one thing,
over and over will record it
thank you for failing,
please don't try to succeed with the nightmares.

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