Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ocean view

How would I know, the first time I would
confuse the ocean to a sea, all wide and wavering
without waves, very calm to my liking.

Over the bridges, the train passes,
masts, sail, ducks that swim the surface
and there would be fresh wind

I meet the Pacific, feet first,
head later- there would be a sensation
of connection to souls, swimming in the deep

like a depth inside of me, hollow still
cast out seashells, purple bruised
with the pain of losing

a home once inhabited
the sun reflects on the ocean
three  minutes for the color

to regain consciousnesses
this is the Pacific then,
full of humans wasted
empty and quiet, a good surf.

Humans leftovers washed ashore by the Pacific Ocean, seen for the first time in Odaiba, Tokyo- Japan. Taken by me.

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