Friday, September 18, 2015

Make the change, or be the change?

Too many times we venture on hearing the same lines
spat, redrafted, edited enough to make a person feel better
about feeling bad. There are always so many options to adjust
so little time to manage the stretch from one place into a state

too many times you hear the need for a change
from someone, from another person, demanding a difference
a gap you, I, any pronouns cannot afford
not for the time being, you say and nod- unconvinced

they said to me change is good, it is a healthy way
reassuring you constantly become, constantly be
at the heart of everything that moves, well
what if I only need to be grateful by stillness?

the tenses allow us a different interpretation to
the same verb. This is language, Habibti, they tell me
but I am aware of the change from be to make
exist to enforce. This is where language fails
where words are useless and only the raise of a fist
the workings of the body become, the difference
the change.

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