Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The art of simplicity

The art of simplicity is difficult
you need to strip out the extra layers
present well cooked-meals, accessible to young teeth
without feeding too much

the art of simplicity is difficult to maintain
like choosing the right hour
nothing less with seconds or minutes
no less drama and tight-fitted ropes that can hang

you by a knot made by scouts
little kids are more equipped to life than you are
stumbling at your own feet for fear of a
long lost story of legs caught up

between the fern and the morning song
that burns your chest. you cannot chose to adorn much
the others already offer gradation of colors
red for envy and blue for the balance of your feet

the art of simplicity is difficult
to be you let go of dear faces and extras
reach the core and keep it tender
simplicity starts and regrows from your bones

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