Tuesday, April 7, 2015

a white face haunts tonight

Your face is white tonight
the trace of fear has left you, this time it is forever
so has the trace of sand and its mixing of water
to cement, to pave, not to build

expectations are worse than reality, most of the time
your face, whiter than dough sits ahead of me muttering
don't promise an everlasting spring
when you can only afford clouds

your face is white tonight
the song on your lips has been sealing itself
away from mine, there's enough indentation
to fill the choice of skipping lipstick

glossy for the generation of new blood,
you can always look beneath the covers
dig the reason for this rush toward ethereal
masks dipped in yogurt, take my hand but don't squeeze it

your face is white tonight,
you have skipped a meal and a prayer
the candles melted in the kitchen
and the pepper bursts into flames in front of the Madonna

forgive me if I seal your eyes
with the back of my hand, with a brush of my hair
your face is white tonight
I couldn't help but notice,
you were also a little cold.

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