Friday, December 5, 2014

#smart, #notsosmart


the exercise of morning devotion
to the sun, early rising
coffee in hand and a newspaper in the other
a choice or habit- does it matter?
it is a smart way of life.


the amount of time wasted
over trivialities beginning with morning devotion
to screens, phone above the nose
you shut out the world as you gaze
at a stimulation to a way of life
it could be both realms


dressing is a part of the morning
like calling a name game-
 a ritual it becomes when the colors
are associated with shades of mood
like roses are red, who insist violets are blue?
in color we recognize the light that's left out


shuffling into an old pile of yesterday
mashed same way as a parent's favorite potato recipe
it is another morning ritual some skip
like a stone hurled towards a lake
it is better to throw bits and bobs everywhere
there's order in chaos

goes about light-headed, always prepared

leaves it till the last moment, enjoys the core.

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