Thursday, November 20, 2014


lately I cannot sleep
there are unusual objects and subjects falling down into my dreams
like last night, there were sounds of fire consuming what it could.
Rage and darkness, it was a case of hysteria and noise 
the buildings like cardboard were at my feet. there was a blond baby
in my arms, he was crying.
 I felt his warm urine trickle down my arms as I warmed his nose
 even if it was a warm November.
Babies need warmth in all forms.
I shut his ears, but there was blood,
 and there were members of my family all grown,
frozen in childhood. and there I was at the end of my bed, gasping, trembling
these nights I cannot sleep
when and if my mother answers her phone
the first question I'll ask her will be:
mama, when will I stop seeing?. when will I start to sleep again?

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