Sunday, September 14, 2014

Porcelain Mask

Nothing is more perfect than the face of a porcelain doll
Eyes round and gazing
Lips red and kissable
There is nothing like a doll for perfection
Slim waist, full covered lashes
A doll is yours by your touch
it is it's owners property
yours to do as you please
Shake it, break it, walk over it
Or place it in an old trunk
display it like candy to mark others jealous
All yours is what you can control-
Nothing that's lifeless is beyond you
and so is she, who lives behind the sycamore
And wails atop the river
For she, like a doll, you claim yours

What a doll, they used to tell her
And she'd wondered why
Would someone compare her to something so small
So inanimate, so plastic
But it takes her long enough to dress
and long enough to realize
behind the cold porcelain
Lies the answer.

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