Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Three rules to gentle heartbreak

who said heart-break actually breaks the heart?
easy, isn't it. A heart is like walnut, anyway
 it is a product of autumnal moods.
It requires a few months in roasting,
turning green from envy,peeling,
 peeling naturally,brown like earth
as it peels, the old skin sheds
 what is left behind
muse, memory and must-dos
a heart is a four-chambered, white
white-washed walnut, vastly entwined
and hard with wood around its own,
that's why heartbreak doesn't require much-
to break a heart, first do it gently
place all precious moments, items and people in a hand
then discreetly pull out a very ordinary, saw-toothed stone
one with cat piss and a few worms, take it out of  a mud-patch
then hammer the pump once or twice, but not too strong
and not too soft. A light cracking at the side will do
the heart should open, ideally it will split into two raw
white, white pieces. It will flake with some unimportant ruins
Shake out the cover and the unnecessary pieces
all illusions of warmth and of matter, it must all go
 After the hammering is done, the heavy things
electric currents, letters, names carved onto the walls
and faces, sticky, gooey nightmares, secrets and goldfish
like answers, like certainties await your touch
take down the four posters, whitewash everything
 Do not look around for survivors, the maker of a disaster doesn't marvel at his creation
Next take in all the reminders of a whole heart,
all the morning songs,
 all the midnight poetry
 the day dreams
all the bright sunrises and chocolate-cake melt, and ice-cream and late night talk
engulf them, intimidate the tunes
 make a ball out of the remainders and throw it for the next neighbor's playful pup
let the pup drool over sweetness in acid-
You are lighter without baggage.
The last necessity is the triumph dance
once you pull out the kernel, squeeze the owner's hand in support
dry out the last teardrops
slide the walnut under the balls of your feet,crunch it, like a leaf
dance over the shards bellow your feet,
dance to lifeless beating
sway with the owner, smile like it's all good.
The deflation of hearts is easier done than said,
like walling down Troy, enter gently, smartly and exit triumphant
the ghost-town.

A heart is like a magnet, it loses its abilities
by hammering, heating and heartlessly leaving
it in an old, flower patterned sewing box.
Easier done than said, then
Go ahead, break that heart, it's only a deer's own,

Photo courtesy of a Google search.

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