Monday, July 7, 2014

Ashes on the Holy Mountain

The trio walks at the instant of dusk
between crags, half broken earth and the morning due
the road is long
the road whines
the road unwinds into
Four trees at the foot of the holy mountain, draped in olive trees
it is a long way till dawn, it is a long way till the fire side ceremony unleashes
The steep uphill climb is hard with more
limbs than one could count
carried near the hips,
the muttering on bare, relentless lips does not recede
burn, raise hell--
in the hides, no one but trees can tell.

 in the corners of the dark
the frail body abducted, deduced to fractions of a being
it kicks,
it fights for air and for a flight
It screams back to the home nest:
I have not had my breakfast yet,
I have fasted till the end of the night
I will not accept missing the morning prayers
five kneels and rise, five kneels and thanks, five kneels and

a blow bellow the stomach captures
all the feeling left from the half breathed
body the trio unleashes,
it was never a human- always a body
down dew wet earth, between the forest--
In the low buzzing light
they turn, raise their hands east
to unite before the feast of fire
In prayer before the breakage of dawn
 uncovering all unholiness on the holy mount
May we be shrill, fast and avenge

they have bore blood before, stained between their
fingers and knuckles, it still strains though two thousand years old
They have made of  God a mockery once
in the name of treason, in the vicinity of difference
and now difference is the same, it is all a big cycle

The three crows lit the fire,
set the blue t-shirt, the smile and the faded jeans along
nothing stands the marks of fire on the flesh
the streaks it leaves like grilled chicken on the once white arms
keep to ash from the blaze
no one watches the fire burn
no one smells the crisp of body and agony of soul
but once the day breaks, their footsteps break loose,
further into the day like a cannibal ceremony is only a part
of a dreadful accident--
forgetting that above them, someone always sees
and bellow them the boy seizes to cry or flight
and on the holy mount they depart leaving a boy in ashes
you are dust, son of earth and son of man--
ashes to ashes
ashes to earth you will become
and forever your name will live
and forever the nation will spark fires that wipe out the areas
from rocks to ashes.

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