Sunday, February 16, 2014


Dearest reader, 

Welcome to my blog!. It is nice to see you here, it is very friendly to know that my words matter to someone else other than the page on which they drop, so hello again!.

What brings you here? What brings me here?. A love of words. (It is mutual isn't it?). Let us be honest, some of you are here because they know me personally and they want to support, to all of those familiar faces, thank you. Some of you are new friends, thank you for being here and for stopping by, do feel like this is home. Please do make it a habit to check in here when you can.

Now. How did this business go about?. In short terms I have been prodded by several friends for years to start a blog and I, being an honest person will say I deferred blogging for various reasons I shall not bore you with at this late hour of the night (or day whatever time zone you are on). Recently I found myself wanting to be heard, wanting to write and explore other worlds. Wanting to take this journey online too and see where it all goes.

So, what do I exactly do? I am an emerging writer, currently on an MA to help me ground myself and discipline my creative madness. Before I pursued writing seriously,  I was a student and I worked at a small publishing house. I write (mostly experiment with) fiction, I wrote a couple of stories before the course.I have had several YA novels started in addition to an adult novel/historical fiction for which research is done and a few chapters written. I enjoy writing for children because I believe in the strong effect of fiction on children. Recently, I have taken fondness in non-fiction (boring: No, think again). It is actually not that recent since I have kept a regular (personal/unpublished) diary for a significant number of years.

My greatest love is…. Poetry. I enjoy reading poetry immensely. I read widely and cross cultures/ languages whenever I can. I enjoy writing poetry. I was introduced to poetry along with an amazing array of supportive friends, a few years ago. I have been writing on and off since, maybe a bit before (if bad writing as such can be verified as writing).

Today, I start my first attempt in a new genre. Haiku poetry. A Haiku a day, my friend (A) suggested. Words are at the trance of indigo (my other friend A also suggested). A haiku  a day should keep writer’s block at bay. Here you will find me Haiku-ing every day (a promise I made to myself and let’s hope I can keep it).  Here you will also find some of my pieces of mind, some longer poetry, photographs, maybe flash fiction/non-fiction too who knows what the future hides?. Blooms of thought, indigo in touch.  Please feel free to leave comments here and there, but be aware that any offensive comments demeaning others are going to be deleted on the spot!. All is set. This should be a fun ride: it could be hard, it could be boring too but it is promising, take my word on it.  

Thank you for your patience,  here we go…

P.S. any other details can be seen on the right hand box, just saying. 

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